Calvin Harris Kicked Off Decks at Tryst? (Update: False)

Final Update: Harris has tweeted again about the incident, “[n]o offence intended to Tryst, great club + staff but i don’t know why i was invited there…! The people hated me! ([I] still love all people, for the record) I think all the dance music fans were at EDC!” It seems that in his original tweet he meant to say that the crowd booted him off, not the venue. It’s important to note that Tryst caters to a more Top 40/hip-hop/party rock crowd, setting it apart from its sister venues XS and Surrender, but they’ve been known to book EDM acts on some occasions, like EDC Week.

Update 2: New details are emerging from Tryst‘s resident DJs that apparently the whole incident is false. Tryst resident DJ Dave Fogg tweeted “I was the resident at Tryst tonite and can tell you NO ONE got kicked off tonite. If anything, someone needed a Snickers…” Another resident DJ, Joshua Stephens wrote: “For everyone who has been asking… Calvin Harris DID NOT get kicked off the decks. It was a blatant lie on twitter. We don’t kick off djs that we pay to be there. Calvin Harris walked off because someone was whistling at him an requesting music. His own decision.

Update: It seems all’s well and good between Wynn and Calvin Harris since Surrender recently tweeted they are happy to “welcome back @CalvinHarris to his Vegas home,” while Harris has deleted his tweet from earlier today.

As glow sticks continue to illuminate Las Vegas this weekend with Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival at the Vegas Speedway, it seems controversy has struck EDC Week. This Saturday during the hours of early morning around 2:30am, Calvin Harris tweeted, “Kicked off the decks at Tryst in Vegas tonight for not playing Carly Rae Jepsen+hip hop,” which makes him  the second DJ booted off the decks in Vegas this month which he apparently did because he “walked off because someone was whistling at him an requesting music. In fact in less than a weekLast Saturday, Marquee Dayclub rescheduled house legend Mark Farina during what was advertised as an afternoon featuring authentic house music DJs. Farina wrote on Twitter, “Supposed to be going on now…but got the boot, apparently too much house for this Vegas crowd.” Click after the break to read more about the incident.

These two incidents have brought to the forefront the power that the table service crowd holds over a venue and the constant struggle DJs have to endure to be seen as artists, and not glorified jukeboxes. Farina himself told DJ Sneak (who is of course always around) that the “manager was getting complaints from their table service crowd.“ Earlier this year, Dennis Ferrer was removed from the decks at Mansion in Miami for not playing enough commercial music.

Out of the three DJs mentioned, Harris seems the less likely to be removed (not that any should be, mind you) since his tracks have dominated the pop charts. He  practically relaunched Rihanna with two top 10 Billboard Hot 100 tracks, and his solo track “Feel So Close” peaked at number 12. So, with all due respect, how much more commercial can you get?  Why are promoters booking house headliners and expect them to play something else? With these continued incidents, it seems promoters might not know the real definition of house music. Or even worse, they don’t even care.

The Wynn booked Harris as part of their Wynn Music Week (debatable) on Friday at Encore Beach Club and Tryst and Saturday at Surrender Nightclub, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll play tonight. One thing’s for sure, no matter how many Grammy’s EDM’s won, how many EDM festivals dominate pop culture, and how many EDM tracks we hear on the radio, some people still view DJs as their personal playlist.

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