Artist Interview: NERVO

These days practically everyone has heard the name NERVO. This Austrialian duo based out of London has taken the world by storm with their skill as songwriters, infectious hits and smashing good looks. These feisty girls have written songs for Ke$ha, David Guetta, and The Pussycat Dolls and remixed tracks by Katy Perry, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Cobra Starship, topping charts and blowing up clubs long before signing a record deal. Now signed to Virgin America, the NERVO sisters are taking over the world with their own hit tracks such as “We’re All No One” and “Irresistible.” To preview their upcoming show at Hard Rock‘s Wintervention, we talked with Liv Nervo to discuss their new track with Avicii, what made 2011 such a success, and why 2012 is going to be an even better year for these two. Click after the break to read our interview and watch the video to their hit “We’re All No One” and a preview of their upcoming track with Tim Bergling‘s alter ego, “You’re Gonna Love Again.”

NERVO – We’re All No One ft. Afrojack, Steve Aoki

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DropTheBeatSD: How was your New Year?
Liv Nervo: It was amazing; it’s been so great to be home! We played Summadayze Festival on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day as well. So we had a whole bunch of friends come and support, and they gave us a main stage slot this year, which was incredible. So, it’s really good.

DropTheBeatSD: I know you guys premiered your new song with Avicii, “You’re Gonna Love Again.” 
Liv: Yeah, that’s right, we did. It’s incredible the love we’ve been getting. We’ve actually only ever played it twice out, because we’ve only just finished a mix we’re happy with enough to play out about two weeks ago really. We’re still tweaking it a little bit, but it’s been getting an amazing reaction. I think a lot of the Avicii fans have found out about it already and it’s incredible. It’s really exciting; it’s given us a lot of extra energy for the release of it.

DropTheBeatSD: And I know, for instance, you guys are friends with David Guetta, that’s how that working relationship came out. How did you guys come up with Avicii? How did that connection come about?
Liv: Well we met him when we were in Stockholm, about three or four years ago, maybe. It was ages ago, when he was Tim Berg. We’ve always tried to work together, and every time we’d get to Stockholm we’d kinda check in and we’d send ideas to him over the internet, and eventually we got there with this record. This record is actually just going to be a Nervo record; it’s not going to be a ‘NERVO and Avicii’ or ‘NERVO featuring Avicii,’ which is fine. I’d love to have his name on the record, but it didn’t fit his release schedule, because he’s just recently signed a record deal with Universal, so it’s just going to be a NERVO record.

DropTheBeatSD: When do you think we can get a release for that?
Liv: Well we’re aiming for pre-Miami (Music Week), so hopefully in March. We’re putting together the final touches on the mix right now, and after we’ve done that we’ll go through the whole video process again, which I’m so excited about. We’ve only shot one video, and for the second one we’ve already got ideas, and we have some friends working on some treatments. So we’re super excited. It’s really nice, being an artist, because you get to experience this side of the game as well.

Right now we have the single out ‘We’re All No One,’ and we’re looking to release ‘You’re Gonna Love Again‘ with Avicii. We’re going through the final stages of mixing, we’re happy with the radio edit – I just really hope people like it.

DropTheBeatSD: So how does it feel to premiere your own song to a massive crowd? What is it like the first time you play your track and see their reaction?
Liv: It’s hard – it’s hard at first to sit there and analyze the crowd’s reaction. But I’ve got to say, with this song in particular, we’ve had such a great reaction – It’s been really exciting. And we were afraid it would be a bit hard to connect with, this song is so different from anything we’ve made before.

DropTheBeatSD: Now, you guys had a residency at the Wynn and Encore for the remainder of last year. Correct?
Liv: Yeah that’s correct; we’re also doing that in 2012 as well.

DropTheBeatSD: Yeah I saw you guys were playing on the 15th, does that mean you still have a residency? Is it monthly?
Liv: Yeah we’ve extended it for another year, so we’ll be back in Vegas every six weeks. And I’m going to say that was definitely one of the highlights of 2011. We really see the love when we get to Vegas, I can’t wait to get back really.

DropTheBeatSD: You said highlights – Let me ask you – you had the residency, Tomorrowland, touring with Britney Spears. What were the best gigs – Your highlights? Becaue you guys blew up last year. 
Liv: I’ve got to say Tomorrowland… It’s hard to say what the highlight is, because sometimes we can play in a little dingy club and just get an amazing reaction, and that’s just the incredible thing about our job. But I still say probably Tomorrowland, because we got to make the theme song for it with Afrojack and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. And that gave us a lot of buzz at the festival, because we really had something new to showcase. We got up on stage in the middle of Afrojack’s set and jumped on the mic, and we got up again during Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s set. The crowd was just insane. It was the first time we ever played in BelgiumTomorrowland was definitely one of the highlights of 2011.

DropTheBeatSD: And your monthly radio show on Sirus XM, is that going to keep going on in 2012?
Liv: Yeah that’s still going ahead. It’s great, we’re really loving radio. It’s great cause it makes us stop and really listen to new music, which is definitely part of our job. It’s been a great addition, it’s been a lot of fun for me.

DropTheBeatSD: Now coming next year – you’ve been saying how you love the US; you love it now that it’s absolutely blown up over here. A lot of other artists like Chris Lake have actually moved to LA. Are we going to see a bigger presence from you guys in the US, like maybe moving over here?
Liv: Well, we try and split our time, you know, between the States, London and Europe. And these days it doesn’t really matter where you base yourself from, because you can move around quite a lot. So we definitely will spend a lot of time in LA, and we’ll always be out there anyways, because there’s so many artists out there that we want to spend time with and work on projects with. Se we definitely will always keep a food in the door in America. I think it’s so great how America has taken electronic music – like it’s really warmed up to the idea. It’s so great. We get a great reaction from the crowds that we play for and the people that we’ve been working with for years. It’s a really exciting time to be here.

DropTheBeatSD: So the festivals here are going to blow up massively – We’ve got Sensation America, EDC’s always going to be bigger, Ultra’s going to be massive. Can we expect to see you at those big, massive festivals this year?
Liv: Yeah definitely. I don’t know whether we’re on the bill for Ultra yet, I guess I’ll find that out pretty soon. But yeah, the Insomniac guys are doing such a good job at spreading the EDM love in America. We might play Electric Daisy this year. It’s really exciting to see how the American people are loving it.

DropTheBeatSD: Yeah and hopefully it’s going to get even better.
Liv: Yeah I don’t know if it’s going to get better instantly, I thought Electric Daisy was the most amazing festival. I definitely think it’s just as good as any European festival. Tomorrowland was a real experience, but I wouldn’t say that Ultra or Electric Daisy is any less of an experience. They’re different, but they’re similar. The Americans already seem like they have so much love for electronic music festivals.

DropTheBeatSD: Do you think that it’s just because it’s so brand new?
Liv: Yeah, I guess. I mean people talk about the old days – like the 90′s – and like all the old tracks in America. We were all too young for that movement, but DJs like Paul Oakenfold felt that movement in America. I’ve spoken to Paul about it, asked him if it’s the same as it was in the 90′s, and he said “well, it’s the fashion and the music.” And I just think it’s the time for it. I think it’s great. I think David Guetta has been a pioneer for that. And now we have others coming through like the Aviciis and the Afrojacks. And what I really love is now people are looking at DJs not just as DJs – they’re looking at them as idols. And there are DJs popping through like Steve Aoki who really put on a great performance.

DropTheBeatSD: Now you talked about producers, and I know you guys also develop your own artists, have you guys found any artists or so-called ‘bedroom producers’ like Zedd or Madeon? These young kids who haven’t even DJ’ed live but produce amazing tracks just like in their parent’s bedrooms? Do you guys have a lot of demos of artists that you find yourselves like that and then develop them? 
Liv: Yeah we’ve found a few artists, and we’ve put a few offers out. But unfortunately none of those deals have gone through, but we’ve definitely got our eye on some people. And the whole great thing about collaborating is finding new people. I really believe there’s a lot of young talent out there, and it’s so much easier to find people, it’s a lot cheaper, programs are relatively cheap now. We’ve been seeing 16, 17-year-olds do incredible things in their bedrooms. So definitely we would love to find some of these young people. And right now we’re really focused on out artist album, but we’re always interested in finding and developing new artists.

DropTheBeatSD:  Last question. You’ve mentioned your artist album, the record coming out with Avicii, what else can we expect from 2012? Any new on the ‘secret’ project with David Guetta that’s been mentioned a couple times that you can talk about? 
Liv: We’ve got a few releases coming out – We’re trying to produce our record ourselves. One that’s getting a lot of attention right now is called “Army.” We did that with vocalist Omarion, a big pop star in the States. We’ve been playing that a lot in our sets and it’s been getting a great reaction. So that’s definitely something that will come out either before or after Miami. We’ve also got a collaboration coming out with Nicky Romero. But I think the main focus right now is really on our artist album, which will probably feature vocals a lot more, which we’re a bit nervous about, but I guess we have to be up to the challenge. I think we’ll give it a crack at doing the vocals, but we’ll also just produce – It’s kind of fun to do it all.

DropTheBeatSD: Exactly, especially when you girls do it as well as you do, right? 
Liv: We try, but there’s always room for improvement.

DropTheBeatSD: Well hopefully the momentum will keep going, we’re can’t wait to see you in San Diego this week. 
Liv: I know, I’m so excited! You know we played there over the summer at the Wavehouse in San Diego over the summer, and I’ve got to say that was another one of our highlights for the year. The crowd was incredible. It was a gorgeous summer day, so we’re really excited about getting back to San Diego.

DropTheBeatSD: And your first headlining spot, so it’ll be even better!
Liv: Yay!!!

Make sure to catch NERVO this Sunday at Hard Rock Hotel‘s Wintervention. If you haven’t gotten tickets, you better hurry, because they’re almost sold out. We’d like to give huge thanks to Liv for taking the time to talk to us, even if cellphones are a pain.

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